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The attorneys of Ralls & Wille, P.C. are Spanish-speaking criminal defense lawyers with cross-border experience fighting drug, money laundering, and other criminal charges. And with over 40 years combined practice, they’ve handled many high-profile criminal cases that involve public figures or press-worthy criminal acts. In fact, the Arizona Republic has identified Stephen G. Ralls, a board-certified criminal law specialist, as one of the most prominent lawyers in the Southwest representing drug trafficking cases.

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Are you in custody in Mexico, awaiting extradition to the US?
Ralls & Wille attorneys and staff are fluent in Spanish. We maintain an office in downtown Hermosillo, Sonora, and can visit you in-person in Mexico to discuss your case. 

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Stephen G. Ralls and Grant Wille’s legal practice is committed to criminal defense law. Together with associate attorney Alex Coomer, they work to protect and defend your rights when you’re charged with a crime. The firm has experience in Criminal Law, Immigration Law, Trials, and Pretrial Litigation, with a focus on drug trafficking and conspiracy cases.

Ralls & Wille Law Firm apply deep experience, along with aggressive, innovative litigation, to fight tech-savvy criminal investigation. Backed by a committed team – including a legal assistant, paralegal, and talented investigators, the firm handles complex criminal cases. Contact them today to discuss your charges and criminal accusations. Read more

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The criminal defense lawyers of Ralls & Wille litigate cases in the United States District Courts for nearly all 50 U.S. states including Washington, California, Texas, and New York. In addition, our legal practice experience includes all levels of the State courts of Arizona, as well as the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Learn more

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If you are accused of a crime or have had contact with law enforcement officers, our approach is to determine your best defense and provide aggressive representation on your behalf.

Univision interviews Stephen Ralls regarding his decades of experience representing drug trafficking cases, such as the cases of Sandra Avila Beltran, Miguel Angel Caro Quintero, and the brother of Chapo Guzman.