Extradition to the United States

When it comes to Extraditions to the US, find your best Defense.

Extradition to the United States

Why do you need attorneys who fully understand the process of Extradition to the US?

Extradition to the United States is a highly complex legal matter. You’ll want to feel confident that your defense attorneys understand both Mexican and United States legal systems. You also want to feel confident that they’ll help you understand your rights should you be fighting an accusation in the US.

If you live in Mexico and the United States has charged you with a crime, they can petition the Mexican government to arrest and extradite you. The process of extradition to the US can be long and confusing because of how differently the two legal systems operate.

When the US government chooses to ask for the extradition of a foreign person, it is typically for serious charges that stem from complicated, years-long investigations. Ralls & Wille has a long track record of representing clients, primarily from Mexico, in their fight to be extradited from their country to face major federal criminal charges in the United States.

3 Reasons to Consider Retaining Ralls & Wille

There are three primary reasons to consider retaining Stephen G. Ralls and Grant Wille if you’re awaiting extradition to the US from Mexico:

  1. Our Tucson law office works with prominent Mexican lawyers who are well-versed in extradition. We do that to boost the legal tools available to fight against your extradition to the United States. Our collaborative goal is to prevent the extradition. That way you can remain with your family, in your country of origin, without being forced to go to the United States to face major federal charges.
  2. Knowing these cases are complex, we don’t wait to find out whether or not you will be extradited before we begin our defense work. While you’re in custody in your home country, battling against extradition to the US, we begin to research and analyze the US government’s allegations. Our goal is to make full use of this time to prepare a strong defense for you, should the extradition to the US happen.
  3. The extradition process can go on for a long time. Ralls & Wille attorneys like to visit you in your country of origin to help educate you about the US criminal justice system. Because the two country’s criminal justice systems are so different, it’s important that you fully understand your rights in the US if the extradition goes through.

While you’re awaiting extradition to the United States, it’s particularly important to understand this difference in the two country’s legal systems:

  • In Mexico, if you’re accused of a crime, a judge alone will hear your arguments as to why you are innocent during your final trial.
  • In the United States, a group of people from the community (a jury) will judge you.  You’ll want to convince the jury, not the judge, of your innocence.

Because of this significant difference in how the systems work, there follow many smaller differences of which a defendant from Mexico may not be aware. Our defense lawyers, experienced in working with Mexican defendants, quickly and thoroughly educate you on your rights under the United States legal system.

Ralls & Wille criminal defense attorneys work to assure that your rights are protected.
Also, that we’re taking advantage of every possible defense on your behalf.
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