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What other criminal charges does Ralls & Wille defend you against?

Our criminal defense practice doesn’t stop at criminal charges related to US extradition cases, drug trafficking and money laundering. You can also call on Stephen Ralls and Grant Wille if you’re facing criminal charges for human smuggling, firearm trafficking, prescription drug diversion, murder, and conspiracies, or other crimes.

Human smuggling

You could face criminal charges for human smuggling if you help immigrants cross into or move within the US without legal authorization. Criminal case allegations may involve guiding people through the desert, transporting them in semi-trucks, or driving them across the country to other states.

Firearm trafficking criminal cases

These criminal cases allege that you’re involved in transport of firearms, parts of firearms, or body armor from the United States to another country without legal authorization. These cases may be fairly small, where the government accuses you of falsifying documents when applying to purchase a single firearm. But there are also large cases with complex government investigations that track mass firearm or related shipments.

Prescription drug diversion 

A highly specific type of crime, prescription drug diversion is a criminal charge that relates to medical professionals who prescribe drugs with the purpose of drug redistribution. These criminal cases can be huge surveillance investigations, with confidential informants, financial and tax investigations.

Criminal Charges of Conspiracy 

What makes conspiracy different from other criminal charges is that you don’t have to commit the underlying crime. You can be charged with conspiracy related to any type of crime—from drug trafficking and money laundering, to human smuggling and murder.  The government only needs to prove that you agreed to work with other people with the goal of committing the crime.

The above list is a few of the criminal charges that Ralls & Wille can defend you against. They also represent people arrested but not yet charged, and people who are ordered to testify before a grand jury.  Even though you may not yet be charged with a crime, it’s important to quickly consult with a lawyer who can help you to:

  • Understand the US criminal justice system
  • Anticipate what may happen next
  • Be prepared for the worst-case scenario

Where did the information for the criminal charges come from?

You may be wondering how officers and the government get the material that they use to charge you with a crime. They use investigation and surveillance.

Surveillance & Other Investigative Techniques

Surveillance techniques can include wiretaps, warrants, mobile phone tracking, vehicle tracking, airplane and drone surveillance, pen registers and pole cameras. It’s another reason to have criminal defense attorneys to protect your rights. We examine how these techniques were used to see if your rights have been violated. You can learn more about surveillance techniques here.

Other, more traditional investigative techniques law enforcement officials can use to build a case against you include:

  • Interrogation of you or an associate
  • Use of  informants and undercover agents
  • Reverse sting operations

As a Ralls & Wille client, you’ll want to be aware that part of our defense strategy is to “investigate the investigation.” It’s what we do to discover if your rights were violated during the government’s case-building process.